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Virtual Run on Facebook 1st Time

This article is the English post from the virtual run 1st time that I wrote in Thai.

I participated in the virtual run event posted on Facebook 1st time on April and called, “I see you are hungry”. (หิวแหละดูออก in Thai) The owner announced that the participants had to run for 150 kilometers with posting on Strava, one of the sports social media which allows users to post and comment the activities and show the statistics.

In the past, I attended fun run and mini marathon events, but I did not attend as much as bicycle events.


I started running on treadmill around 1-2 months until I saw the virtual run registration on the Facebook post posted by a cyclist called Angle Old or นู๋ถึก in Thai. This was different from the others that the participant who finished last had to pay for the meal. I saw that post. I  found that it was not too hard to finish in time.

Running in Suan Lumphini

After registration by commenting the post, I waited on the first day of April.

On the first day of April, I started running around 5 – 10 kilometers per day. This distance was suitable to run without hassle in many places such as the university, the parking lot, parks and city run. From the post, you can run everywhere except on treadmill. However, I saw others running further than me.

In the end of each day, there was a statistics of running distance which motivated myself to run more.



About two weeks, I finished running 150 kilometers. Nevertheless, I observed that running faster or further caused foot pain. I thought it was from muscle tension. Thus, I had to stretch and use foam roller on muscle before and after running or cycling. The muscle stretch method was from

Stretching method from

Another than stretching, the thing I got was the exercise habit from running every single day with 30% for weight loss from 30/70 rule.

Nonetheless, I needed to modify diet, which is 70% portion of weight loss rule. It was the hard thing for me that I ate the fast food with sweeten drink. I reassured that I could modify my weight for efficient weight loss.

By Kittisak Chotikkakamthorn

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